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When is the V belt changed? Even such consequences if you are late

When is the V belt changed? This is the result if you are late – when did you change the belt? This question is often asked by motorists since this component is a very important component of your automatic car. And unfortunately, it is very difficult to check its condition because you have to take apart the CVT to make sure it is still in good condition or it needs to be replaced. Unlike the chain, which is easy to check at any time.

Please note that it is very important to carry out routine maintenance and inspection of motorcycle V-belts, so that possible damage to components related to the V-belts can be prevented. Problems that arise due to V-belt damage not only cause discomfort while driving, but may It also causes danger when the v-belt breaks while driving.

The case of the fifth belt breaking on its own is rare. However, this possibility can occur if the vehicle owner rarely pays attention or even performs routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The era of the fifth belt
The service life of V belts can generally be 24,000 km or two years. However, this requirement depends on how you ride as well as the maintenance the rider performs on the motorcycle.

Consequences of not taking care of the fifth belt
Several bad things can happen to V-belts if the vehicle owner does not perform routine checks and maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer:

He wears a V-belt and makes noise
Decreased vehicle acceleration
V-shaped crack
Fifth belt broke

This can be prevented by doing regular motorcycle maintenance. In addition to routine fifth belt checks every 8,000 km or at least once every 8 months.

If this is permissible, it is not impossible that the damage to the CVT could become more severe. Damage can spread to several other components such as damaged pulleys, cylinder covers, or even the crankshaft.


For this reason, routinely bring your motorcycle of choice to an authorized repair shop or trusted repair shop for regular maintenance and check-ups from experienced mechanics. This way, you can save on motorcycle maintenance costs instead of having to spend more money to replace damaged components.

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