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How to fix a dented car with hot water, is it safe?

How to fix a dented car with hot water, is it safe? – The condition of the cars of the car is not always smooth, sometimes there are things that make the body of our favorite car dent, such as colliding with another vehicle on the road or our carelessness in colliding with certain things. To restore it to its original condition, of course, the common option is to use repair services and magic taps that are easy to find on the side of the road. Especially if the car’s dent condition is very severe, such as as a result of an accident.

However, if the dent is only a mild case, you can use an alternative method and not have to wait long at the repair shop. An alternative that is often used by people and widely known is the use of hot water. However, is it safe to repair car body scratches using hot water? Or is there another, more effective and inexpensive way to repair car body scratches?

1. Use hot water to repair car body scratches
The principle of restoring a dented car body to its original shape is to heat or heat the body, because any body, no matter how strong it is, can be shaped when exposed to heat or heat. And the first way to cheaply restore a dented car body is to use hot water. This method has been widely used by many people as well as auto repair shops to repair dented bodies, mainly because it is quick and cheap.

The steps are, first prepare the hot water which you will use to heat the car body. Then pour hot water little by little on the dented area of the car body. To make it easier to pour water, you can use the teapot as a container for hot water. Use a cloth to protect your hands and press down on the dented part of the car until it returns to its original shape. What should be considered is to apply pressure only as needed and to avoid pressing too hard, because the use of hot water cannot 100% return the dented object to its original state, depending on the condition of the damage.
Using hot water as an alternative to repairing scratches on a car body is not effective if the condition is severe enough. The irrigation method can not 100 percent restore to the original state, only a few areas are elastically deformed. Especially if it is used on a part where the surface is very hard and has been pasted before, it will not have any effect when rinsed with hot water. The method of using hot water for dented auto parts also has the potential to damage the car’s paint finish. Hot water is most likely to cause the exterior of the vehicle to become mottled. So, be careful if you want to use this method.

2. Use a liquid hair dryer and carbon dioxide
Another heat source you can use to restore a dented car body is a hair dryer or hair dryer along with liquid carbon dioxide. You can buy liquid carbon dioxide from your nearest chemist. Here are the steps to repair a car body with a hair dryer and liquid carbon dioxide:

First, prepare a hair dryer and a bottle of liquid carbon dioxide. Turn on the hair dryer and direct the hot air to the dented part of the car body. Do this constantly until you feel warm enough. The heating time of the area depends on the condition of the dent. For large scratches, it usually takes about 3-5 minutes.

After it is hot enough, immediately spray liquid carbon dioxide onto the hot part. Then press the dented body parts until they return to their original shape and of course do not use force. It should be noted that this method takes advantage of sudden temperature changes from hot to cold, as dents are attracted to the car body due to the thrust shock that arises due to sharp temperature changes in a short time. The role of the hair dryer is to greatly increase the temperature, and liquid carbon dioxide is able to reduce it rapidly around -109°C. With drastic changes in temperature, it can restore the flattened car body shape and return to its original shape.

3. Using a heat gun
Using a heat gun is exactly the same as using a hair dryer, but the heat gun can produce the most extreme heat. Because the heat gun is also often used in workshops to repair dented bodies, but the method is not using liquid carbon dioxide but using body repair on a dolly, where with the help of a dolly it can restore the maximum shape of the car body.

We hope this article on how to fix a dented car was useful, good luck and don’t forget to leave a trail of constructive criticism, suggestions and comments. Thank you and regards, Auto!