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5 Things You Need to Know About the Fair Car Subscription Service
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5 Things You Need to Know About the Fair Car Subscription Service

In the dark ages of the auto industry, consumers could buy a car if they wanted it. A consumer could pay cash, or finance the purchase through a loan. However, that is how they obtained a vehicle. While you might rent a car while on vacation, or for business purposes, purchasing a vehicle was better.

Vehicle leasing was developed over the years. Vehicle leasing allows you to lease the vehicle for a specific period of time. You don’t have to buy the entire car. Even though you don’t actually own the car you leased, you still have to pay for some of the annoying aspects of car ownership. You have to pay registration, insurance, maintenance and repairs. You are usually locked in to your lease for at least two years, but most often it is three or more years.

Fair’s subscription service for car ownership puts a new spin on car ownership. However, it is only available in Los Angeles. Continue reading to learn more about Fair.

1. Fair is not a commitment-free (sort of).

The Fair subscription service allows you to get a car in a shorter time frame than those three years of long lease agreements. It will also eliminate some of the hassles associated with leasing and ownership. Fair claims that it is easy to obtain a car using its smartphone app. This is a good sign, considering the trend to avoid making commitments. Fair claims that you can search for your significant other or not-so-significant partner on an app. Why shouldn’t you do the same with your car? Fair may not be as commitment-free as it says, but it doesn’t require you to commit to a car lease or purchase. Fair offers a new way to get a used car, whether for a few months or for many years.

2. Fair is an option to long-term rentals

Renting a vehicle is a great way to get it used without making a commitment. Numerous companies will rent you a car for as little as one day or as long as you want. A two-year commitment is required for vehicle leasing. Most lease terms are three years or more. It is possible to take over a lease from someone else, which will mean it will only cost a fraction of the original term. There are many marketplaces that allow you to do this. The lease term is limited. Fair is looking to operate in the area between daily rental and the longer term of a traditional or lease assumption. Fair is a great option if you need to use a car for three or more months.

3. Fair is easy to get started

You can easily use your smartphone to get a Fair vehicle. The Fair app is downloaded and opened. It will scan your driver’s licence. The company will use the information it collects to run a soft credit check and determine your eligibility. It also calculates the monthly payments that might be suitable for you. This stage can be used to turn you away, or you may be presented with a range of cars and associated payments. You can adjust the parameters to suit your needs. You can choose a vehicle-payment arrangement that suits you and then finalize the deal via the app. Your “Start Payment” will be charged, but your first monthly installment won’t be due for 30 days after you take possession of your vehicle. The app allows you to set up automatic payments and view all your vehicle documents.

4. Fair offers flexibility

Fair does not lock you into any type of contract, such as a lease or purchase. The contract says “Commitment Free,” which means you can cancel at any time. Fair must be notified five days before your “walk date” to cancel your order. Fair also offers a return policy, which allows you to return your vehicle up to three days after delivery for a full reimbursement of your start payments, provided that the vehicle is in good shape.

The start payment is non-refundable after that. This is because the start payment amounts to two or three monthly payments. Practically, the vehicle should be kept for at least three months after the expiration of the initial three days. The vehicle is registered and titled in your name.

5. Fair offers a single-monthly-payment solution

Fair offers a limited warranty and routine maintenance on every vehicle that you purchase. Fair-authorized insurance can be added to your vehicle. This is basically more insurance. You can bundle it together into one monthly payment. Fair uses specialized analytics in order to determine your eligibility. This is a deliberate effort to make Fair more accessible to young buyers. Fair will approve you even if your credit score isn’t ignored. They can also approve you for a driver’s licence and bank account, even if there are no established credit records. Fair takes care of title and registration, but Fair also handles the monthly payment and start payments.

Fairness: The Bottom Line

Fairness is all about convenience. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying or leasing a vehicle. Instead, you can search for a car with a monthly payment that you can afford and close the deal on your smartphone. A used vehicle is less than six years of age and has less than 70,000 miles. Do you think the deal you made was a good deal? It is difficult to say, as each used car is different. Therefore, it is difficult for you to know if the cost of your deal will be lower than other options. We believe Fair customers will find its simplicity and flexibility to be worth the extra cost of leasing or buying a used car.