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How to Recognize the Cause of Leaking Car AC

How to Recognize the Cause of Leaking Car AC

Currently, almost all new passenger cars in circulation in the world are equipped with air conditioning. This is because these devices have an important role in maintaining the comfort of the cabin while driving.

However, there are often problems that occur in car air conditioners, such as leaks. This symptom can be detected when the air conditioner is not producing cold air. Then suddenly the water is dripping or emitting white foam when the air conditioner is turned on.

Moreover, the problem of leaking car air conditioners is caused by several fairly common things. Like neglecting to keep the cabin clean until you incorrectly fill up the AC Freon.

The air conditioner ran out of Freon gas due to a hose leak

Freon is the factor that determines the coolness of the car air conditioner. But gas can be reduced. This is due to the leakage that can occur when there are holes or cracks in the freon hose.
Not only is it not cold enough, the condition also causes car air conditioner components such as compressors to work overtime to pump Freon throughout the system in order to cool the car. In addition, the compressor will continue to pump Freon, which can damage this component if left on for a long time.

Too much Freon charging is wrong too

The opposite of the above, where the car air conditioner will be damaged when a Freon leak occurs, and then vice versa. Because too much Freon filler also has a bad effect because it can cause the compressor to be completely dead or damaged. Because the power of the compressor pump will not be strong to work with full Freon.

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AC filter clogged

The cleanliness of the cabin and the vehicle can be the cause of a leaky car air conditioner. The reason is that the AC system operates when the motor runs in a cycle that keeps repeating itself.

So when the filter dryer in the air conditioner is not working optimally, there will be clogging due to dirt and dust in the Freon. This blockage, which can lead to AC leakage, can cause a vehicle’s compressor to explode and completely die.

seal leak

In detail, car air conditioners have different components. Including Seal (Sil) which is a rubber coating. If cracks or rips occur, this can lead to a leak.
Damage to this seal will impair the performance of the compressor to pump Freon into the AC system. As a result of the AC leakage, the impact can cause the car air conditioner to cool down.

Lifetime of car air conditioning components
Although it is not a fast-moving, or short-lived component, a so-called vehicle component has a lifetime. Including devices in the car air conditioning system.

If there are complaints that the car air conditioner is too old, also check the condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, dryer, etc. The device may have exceeded the maximum usable age. So if it is left installed, it is feared that the overall performance of the AC system may not be optimal.

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