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Attractive Nissan Navara, Fans Need to Check Turbo and Transfer Case

The population of Nissan Navara is not much.

The typical length and width dimensions of a double cab pickup truck present obstacles for this vehicle to meet daily activities, especially in urban areas.

In addition, cars with additional bodies also require periodic KIR tests and cannot cross the fast lane on protocol roads in the capital.

But behind the shortcomings, there are still many people who look forward to double-cabin pickups.

The majority of fans of this car are those who really like off-road vehicles, especially those with all-wheel drive.

In addition, this type of vehicle is also suitable for use as a co-worker, especially for those of you who often control off-road projects.

Now for those of you who want a double-cabin pickup, the Nissan Navara could be an attractive option.

The Nissan Navara uses a YD25DDTI coded common rail turbo diesel engine.

It has a capacity of 2,488 cc and is capable of producing 174 hp / 4,000 rpm and 402 Nm / 2,000 rpm of peak torque.

Nissan Navara Excess, brutal torque is a guarantee when this car has to traverse heavy terrain with heavy cargo.

The Nissan Navara, which weighs 1,850 kg, is still able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 11.1 seconds.

Compared to other double taxis, this figure was still the best at that time.

As a result, the Navara’s fuel consumption is a huge waste.

When driving at a constant speed of 100 km / h on the highway, he was able to record only 11 km / l, while the result for city consumption was 8.7 km / l.

The Navara’s suspension is very soft, but it does not sacrifice driving stability.

The combination of shock absorbing properties and the performance of an extremely powerful engine makes the Navara extremely enjoyable to drive.

check turbo

Even though you are using a turbo diesel that tends to be more stubborn than a gasoline one, you should still check.

Pay attention to the turbo part of the Nissan Navara engine. In some units, leaks or damage were found in the turbo mechanics segment.

If you find any inconsistency in the turbo, it is recommended to replace it as a whole.

But if funds are limited, there are many workshops that specialize in turbos that can fix it.

Also pay attention to the sound of the engine, if it is rough, a dull cylinder may have started to wear out.

internal examination

The Nissan Navara CRD LE uses leather as the upholstery.

You should check the leather upholstery, especially the driver’s seat, as this is the most occupied part.

If you find that the skin is starting to break, there is nothing wrong with applying a special moisturizing cream to the skin to keep it hydrated.

Check transfer status

Since it uses a 4WD type motor, this part of the power distribution is totally worth paying attention to. Ensure smooth operation of the 4WD selector knob.

Make sure that it is not difficult to change the driving mode from 4L to 4H.

If the operation is difficult, you should not ask about the unit, because repairing the transfer case sector is usually expensive.