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So that you don’t buy the wrong one, recognize these 5 characteristics of a used car collision

Buying a used car has a number of advantages. One is, you can get a car with a higher specification and at a price that tends to be cheaper.

However, you have to be vigilant because we don’t know what happened to the car before, including whether or not the car had a collision. If the car is in a severe collision and then repaired, performance will remain poor and it will be difficult to return to normal.

So, in order not to be mistaken with the purchase of a used car in a crash, you can see the five characteristics below.

1. Car paint color scheme

A vehicle that was used in a crash will dent or break in the body parts that were affected, and if repaired the damaged part will be repainted. Since the total cost of painting an entire car can cost quite a bit, it is not uncommon for people to paint only the parts that are being repaired.

The result is that the paint has been deformed with the previous paint due to the different types of paint, and the workmanship is not factory-quality, and the new paint color is more shiny than the original car paint, which began to fade with age. . If you find a car with striped paint, you can ask the seller why the car was repaint.

2. The rubber on the hood or trunk has been replaced

The lid and stem have rubber to protect the body when closed. Meanwhile, if the part is bumped, the rubber can be damaged and must be replaced.

If you check the rubber on the hood or trunk that looks like new, you can ask why the rubber was replaced. If you are still not sure, you can check in more detail whether the rubber mount is still good, or there are signs of repair.

3. The bumper has an asymmetrical gap

The bumper that protects the car is often the worst victim in a crash. If the bumper is so badly damaged that it hits the body of the car and is repaired, the bodywork’s bumper mount usually has an uneven gap because the body has skewed after the impact.

You can check the gaps between the body and the bumper and carefully compare the front and rear bumper whether there are gaps or not.

4. The chassis has welding marks
One way to fix a dented vehicle due to a collision is to weld the bones and the frame. Because if these bones and tires are not corrected, the bodywork will not be installed perfectly and make the car unsafe to drive.

You can check bones and car tires for signs of welding or not. Also check the posts on the side of the car to check if the car has been hit from the side. The solder marks will look black or try to cover them with paint, but the molten soldering iron will usually still be visible.

5. The steering wheel feels unstable while driving

A used car accident will have a less than perfect body that will have an impact when driving the car. Experience driving the car at speeds up to 60 km/h and feel the movement of the car. If you feel vibration and difficulty in controlling the car, you should ask the seller about it.

Choosing a used car requires accuracy, especially in the event of a used car accident. A used car to avoid is a car that has been in a severe shock that can damage the tire and other important car systems, making it dangerous, but if the car has a minor collision that only damages the bumper and does not flex the frame, it won’t be a big problem.