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If you want a quick way to make money in your spare time, survey apps and games are an excellent choice.

Companies are willing to pay for your feedback and try out new mobile games. This app takes more effort than cashback reward apps but is ideal for use on the go or relaxing at home.

1.Survey Junkie

Many survey sites are not worth it because they pay almost nothing and take months to get your winnings back.

Fortunately, Survey Junkie, a leader in the field of paid surveys, is setting the standard for what to look for on a survey website.

Once you create a free Survey Junkie account, you complete surveys that help match you with relevant surveys. This helps reduce the chances of disqualification and makes the survey more interesting. Viewing multiple survey sites often makes you ineligible for surveys, a waste of time, this is a great feature.

You can answer surveys from your computer, but Survey Junkie also has Android and iOS apps. You can cash out with PayPal, direct transfer, or free gift cards. In addition, you only need $5 in your account balance to withdraw money, which is realistic to earn after completing several surveys.

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2. Mistplay

If you’re a fan of mobile games, Mistplay is a fun way to earn rewards for downloading and playing new games on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, this loyalty program for gamers is only available on Android. However, earning rewards with Mistplay only takes four steps:

  1. Download the app and create a free account.
  2. Browse for mobile games and download ones that seem fun.
  3. Play and level up in the new games you’re trying to earn Units, Mistplay’s in-app currency.
  4. Redeem Units for free gift cards to companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and iTunes, or prepaid Visa cards.

There’s a healthy variety of game genres, including strategy, adventure, puzzle, card, and survival games. Plus, new games appear frequently, so you should find a few games that pique your interest.

Mistplay is a slower earner than most apps that pay you, so this app is really for video game fans who enjoy playing mobile games already.

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3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another paid survey website that you can use to earn extra cash in your spare time. However, unlike Survey Junkie, InboxDollars offers more than surveys, and lets you earn by:

  • Playing online games
  • Using scratch-and-win tickets
  • Answering polls and watching videos
  • Earning cash back for shopping
  • Trying coupon codes

There’s also a $5 sign-up bonus. You need $30 to cash out, but the variety of earning methods and sign-up bonus help you reach this requirement faster. Redemption options include PayPal or check.

If you want more earning options than Survey Junkie and Mistplay, InboxDollars’ Android or iOS app is definitely worth testing.

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4. Swagbucks

If you like InboxDollars’ variety of earning options, Swagbucks is another popular platform you can use to earn rewards in your spare time.

Swagbucks is one of the most recognizable companies in the space and pays out 7,000 free gift cards every day to members according to their website. With Swagbucks, you earn points by:

  • Answering surveys and daily polls
  • Playing games
  • Downloading apps
  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Searching the web

Surveys are the most consistent way to earn points, although Swagbucks has some lucrative cash-back rewards if you shop online at their partners.

You can download Swagbucks for Android and iOS or use the web version. Reward variety is also a perk, with options including PayPal, charitable donations, and gift cards to companies like Amazon, Walmart, Boston Pizza, Starbucks, and Best Buy.

You won’t become rich from this platform, but Swagbucks certainly has a variety of earning options to give you control over how you earn rewards.

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It can be said that technology continues to open doors for people to improve their financial situation. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to work remotely, start a side business online, and even use apps to make money.

Of course, lots of money-making apps and side business activities won’t replace your full-time income. Keep selling and selling apps if you want the highest revenue potential. For a casual side view, the rest of the app categories are perfect.

However, if you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck or you just want to supplement your monthly income, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.